These are the Voyages of Gonset (TM) the Extraterrestrial Robot sent to explore Earth.


Amargosa Valley, Nevada

If you are traveling Highway 95 between Reno and Las Vegas, you will pass through the old settlement of Lathrop Wells, Nevada.  There's really nothing left of the town except for the "Area 51 Truck Stop."  It's an alien-themed gas station - almost obligatory since it's so close to that top-secret site.  You can browse the store and pick-up everything from Alien T-shirts and coffee mugs to having your picture taken with a little green man.  The road to Death Valley intersects here.  It's down that road - towards the California Border - that you will find the community of Amargosa Valley.  Nobody knows what the word "Amargosa" means in Spanish.  My guess is that it roughly translates into "Hey, look, there's an alien-themed gas station over there."

Amargosa Valley has a population of about 1400 people and twice that many rattlesnakes.  The rattlesnakes do not operate meth labs so any explosions that occur in town are probably the result of scorpions stepping on discarded shotgun shells.  There is a nice Casino/Resort called The Longstreet Inn there. Plenty of parking for RVs and the rooms are clean.  It was built in 1995 in anticipation of workers flocking to The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository.  That project was scrapped but the Longstreet survives.

Beatty, Nevada

North on Highway 95 in about 30 miles is the town of Beatty, Nevada.  It has something that Amargosa Valley doesn't have: a flashing traffic signal.  Turn left and you're headed towards Death Valley.  A right turn will keep you on the road to Reno. Beatty has the best candy store in the state.  Whether you have a sweet tooth for chocolate - or gumballs are more your speed - you can get your fill of sugary delights at the store.




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